de l’Amérique latine
et des Caraïbes 2023

Consolidating an EU-LAC alliance for the digital era

Table ronde / wébinaire Numérique Amérique latine et Caraïbes

Lundi 29 mai de 17:00 à 18:00

Evénement sur les ondes ou en ligne (voir les informations pratiques)

Organisé par "Expertise France" en partenariat avec "Commission Economique Pour l’Amérique Latine et les Caraibes (A confirmer), Caribean Export (A confirmer)".


Opening (to be confirmed)

· Short introduction on the EU-LAC Digital Alliance (5 mn)

· Panel 1 : Promoting an inclusive, sustainable and human-centered digital transformation in the EU and LAC regions (30mn)
o Participants :
§ Jean-Marie CHENOU, Cybersecurity Expert (Expertise France)
§ Carlos VARGAS, eGovernance Expert (eGovernance Academy)
§ Leonel TAPIA, Connectivity Expert (GIZ)
§ ECLAC participant (to be confirmed)

· Panel 2 : Development of an intercontinental digital partnership : what is at stake ? (30mn)
o Participants (to be confirmed) :
§ Tecnalia, Caribbean Export, Mexico Regional Economic department, Numeum, Impulsa, 2 digital French companies who have activities in LAC

· Questions/Answers (25mn)

Introduction for the Panel 1 :

Digital transformation does not only require physical infrastructure, but also a regulatory framework that allow for the provision of content and services in a secure and affordable way. Digital transformation encompasses policies, legislations, regulations, agreements, education and technology within a socio-technological system.

New policies, mechanisms and methodologies are being generated to face the transformation process in Latin America. However, regulations need to be consolidated to ensure an environment of inclusion and security. The European Union has placed a special emphasis on achieving such an environment through regional public policies in sectors like e-government, data governance, cybersecurity and inclusive connectivity.

Moreover, the EU’s digital principles and rights and the eLAC 2024 digital agenda promoted by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean share the common objective of an inclusive, sustainable and human-centered digital transformation.

Thus, an enhanced high-level dialogue between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean within the framework of the EU-LAC Digital Alliance can help promote this set of shared values and to translate them into concrete spaces for cooperation between the two regions.

Our speakers will present the prospects for a fruitful EU-LAC dialogue in each of the project’s themes : cybersecurity, data protection, digital governance and inclusive connectivity.

Introduction for the Panel 2 :

The EU-LAC Digital Alliance project recognizes the increasingly interconnected nature of the world and the importance of digital technologies in shaping the global economy.

The Alliance aims to create a bridge between Europe and LAC countries in the digital sector to foster collaboration and drive innovation. One of the key justifications for this project is the potential for increased economic growth and development that can result from a stronger digital alliance between Europe and LAC countries.

By working together, both regions can leverage their strengths and resources to create a more competitive digital industry, leading to greater job creation and economic growth.
Additionally, a stronger digital alliance can help to address global challenges such as climate change, healthcare, and education and promote the use of digital technologies for the greater good.

To do so, Expertise France and the members of the consortium are working to create a digital environment to encourage the creation of joint ventures and partnerships between the two regions on digital topics. Open calls for projects will be organized on specific themes such as Agritech, fintech, and others, to bring together entities with common goals in order to answer specific challenges.

Our speakers will present the role they play in this digital alliance, the opportunities this project represents for LAC countries, France and the EU more globally, and the benefits they see from taking part in it.

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